Share the Facebook Love – An Invitation from the Song News Network

The Song News Network is a growing collection of topical and historical songs founded by (mostly) topical singer-songwriter David Rovics. My name is Paula. I conduct research, do the admin and upkeep, and even occasionally produce scholarship for the collection. More information can be found on our website:

We also have a facebook page , and we want to make it available to our contributors as a promotional platform. We love and admire the way so many of you have adapted to the universal devastation of the industry, and embraced creative ways to connect with your audience and community. We believe our followers would love to share the love.

If you wish to post to the Song News Network page from your personal account, all you need to do is become my facebook friend. It’s possible that this friendship is already established. This is me in facebook-land:

Once we are friends, I will give you editor permissions on our page. Accept the request, and you can post anything you like except livestreams. (Simply select “share to a page” on the share button under the post, and select the Song News Network. You can post “as” our page, or as your own page, or yourself, by using the drop down menus on the right).

It may be that you have already accepted this role on our page. If so, what are you waiting for? Share your promotions, upcoming events, links to recordings, and anything else you post to facebook about your music with us!

If you do want to simulcast Facebook Live shows to the page (and we would love that!), or you just want to share through your professional page, we need to establish a special page to page relationship.

It’s called “crossposting,” and the place to find it is on your page’s “page settings” menu. Either one of us can take the initiative here, so you can let me know and I will be the forward one. Or, you can add the name Song News Network into the text box at the top of the crossposting menu. (Be sure to select the second permissions option, which will only allow our page to crosspost back with your approval. Free love is wonderful, but quite frankly, you never know where we’ve been). Send me the link that the page creates for you via Messenger, and I will accept it and return the permission. That’s it! We’re official, but professional.

Navigating the world of facebook permissions is tricky. I’m here to help. Send me a message on facebook, through my personal account or our page, or send me an email if your prefer, and we will embark on this beautiful friendship together.

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